0800 number used for free directory enquiries service.

Yes that is right – you can now call Directory Enquiries for FREE!!!

Calling directory enquiries has always been an expensive task.  A few years ago Ofcom decided to allow competition into this market and hundreds of new players flooded in (including the infamous 2 running, moustache yielding characters!).   Since then a price war has ensued and this has resulted in the consumer benefiting from lower pricing (we still think that this lower pricing is still too expensive).

Well now you can call Directory enquiries for free (only available from landlines) on an 0800 number.  Here is how it works:-

  1. Call 0800 118 3733 (this number is free to call from landlines NOT MOBILES)
  2. AND HERE IS THE SLIGHT CATCH – you have to listen to a brief advert from the sponsor of the call
  3. Once the advert is finished you can request your Directory Enquiries search

Providing you don’t mind listening to an advert for a few seconds this Directory Enquiries service has thumbs up from all of the team at City Numbers.

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