City Numbers +1 and ‘Like’ Us

We have recently deployed the Facebook ‘Like’ button and the NEW Google +1 button across our site. This gives you the ability to recommend us to your friends and contacts or approve a service that worked for you.

+1 and Like available throughout City Numbers

Google +1
Easy to use, you need to have a Google profile. Clicking the button will explain everything you need to know and if you have a Google account already you will be prompted to login. If you don’t have one, then simply register in that same window and come back and +1 our page.

Facebook Like
Simply click the Like button and login to your Facebook account. If you are already logged in then you it will provide you with a Comment box to say what you like and post onto your personal wall.

The Blog
Our Blog section already has these options available to you, so you can use those as you normally would, we have also implemented the Google +1 to theses posts, so feel free to use the +1 there as well.

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