City Numbers going Green

Please note that this was a City Numbers April Fools

Yes that’s right, we are going friendly green for the good of the planet. We are currently in the process of making all of our internal and external services environmentally friendly, with the hope that with just our help, the planet will be in existence that little bit longer.

Many companies take steps to reduce travel and spend extra time working in the dark to help, but we are going one step further, we are going to be putting all of our numbers through environmentally green filtration devices to make sure our numbers aren’t using too much power and supplying only the right emissions through the telecom systems.

How does it work?

Simple. Our numbers flow through a channel to the innovative filtration device and hey presto the magic happens and all harmful effects are removed.

What does this give you? Well every number, even the 0845 number and 0800 number are keeping the same quality and the same functionality, yet they stay the same price. Yes, we are not passing on the cost of this fantastic, innovative technology.

Now you understand why you are with City Numbers, we not only give you a great service but we give the planet a great service to.

Have a great 1st of April.

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