Text Messages From Santa

Santa has been around now for hundreds of years but he has just decided to join us in the 21st century! Santa has got a mobile phone!

You may ask yourself why is this so special? Well Santa is keen on keeping in touch with all the boys, girls, men and women in the UK and this year he has the ability to text them. Imagine that – looking at your phone and seeing a Text Message from Santa.

Santa can now send text message directly from his Santa mobile. He can only send them to people in the UK and as he is such a busy chap if you don’t order them before 3pm on Christmas Eve he may not send it (he has lots of other things to be getting on with!)

If you want to order a text message from Santa simply go to www.textfrom.co.uk/text-from-santa and enter the details that you would like sent. You can choose 5 personalised text messages and here is an exampleas follows:-

“Hi , I’m just checking that you have been a good  as I’m getting ready to bring your 


The text message from santa will be sent FROMSANTA as the number so it will look as if it has come from him personally.

Text messages from Santa are sent on Christmas eve or we have an option to receive one on Christmas Morning.

Make Christmas a very special one for your friends and family and order your text message from Santa today.

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