What have my numbers team done to me?

Having a sense of humour is a good thing to have, it enables you to get through the thick and the thin, especially in business. Now when you work here, you have to have a little bit of a sense of humour, as the team like their odd little prank and even being the ‘main man’, you are not immune.

I’m sitting in the office after a hard day’s work of shooting videos for our website and YouTube channel. Getting the videos right is important and several shots are needed in order for me to keep a straight face or stop stuttering some words. Either way, after a long day, me and a few of team got what we needed. From there my part was done or so I thought!

Back to me sat in the office. I’m browsing our twitter page and all of a sudden my account has tweeted. Strange as it may be, i hadn’t entered anything, so i checked the post out to see what had been put up. Now, being a trusting individual i give the account to 1-2 members of the team to allow them to update certain posts for special events or coupons, it makes my life easier and keeps or customers up-to-date sooner. However what i saw was a little out of that ball park. “I uploaded a YouTube video — outtakes reel it’s super 8 http://youtu.be/G_qxbs7_OgY?a” is the post. I remember saying to myself “Outtakes reel?”, “super?”, then the penny dropped. For my sins, the team decided to take the unedited outtakes of my hard days work and posted them up on YouTube and twitter. I have to admit, no matter how stupid i feel and think i look, i love them for it and my kids do even more. Great work team you got me there, now get back to your number duties.

For those who missed it, here it is in all it’s glory:

Oh yes, i did promise the team that i would get the certain individuals back one day..

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