0800 Number to Mobile

0800 Numbers to mobile phones.

Having a 0800 number gives any kind of company legitimacy. Therefore if you advertise a 0800 number your company (however small) will be made to look larger than it actually is.

A common trend that we have noticed is smaller one man bands taking a 0800 number and pointing it to a mobile phone. This makes the small business look larger than what they are and much more professional. I mean who do you know that calls a tradesman with a mobile phone number in their advert?

Having a 0800 number pointing to a mobile phone also means that you can take your calls wherever you are. You could be on site doing a quote and still take the call that you would normally have missed. You never know that missed call could be the next big deal!

If you are a smaller business and want to have a 0800 number going to your mobile then you can either click on the above link or contact us to discuss how this works. Setting up a number is easy, quick and will not cost a fortune. One of the best elements to this service is that the 0800 number to mobile is on a 30 day rolling agreement.

Please, don’t waste money advertising your company with a mobile number put a 0800 number in the ad and answer the call on the move!

One final point – if you don’t want an 0800 number and think that a landline number would work better as it makes you look local, then talk to us about our UK landline numbers to mobile.

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