0800 Numbers Are Free To Call From Mobiles

Yes, it is finally happening! 0800 numbers are being made free to call from mobile phones. I’ll write it again and bold it up, for the readers that don’t quite believe me.. 0800 numbers are free to call from mobile phones (from July 1st, 2015).

That’s right, Ofcom are changing the rules for everyone when it comes to dialing 0800 numbers from a mobile phone, but how does it affect you?

I’m Calling an 0800 Number From a Mobile Phone

It’s free to call. You are no longer going to be charged for dialing an 0800 phone number. Just like landlines, you get to call for free and a charge goes to the owner of the 0800 number instead.


I Own an 0800 Number

If you own an 0800 number you will have a surcharge of 5p per minute for every call you receive from a mobile phone.

Remember, this is from mobile phone callers only! Nothing is changing if the caller dials you from a landline.

Why is This Change Occuring?

Calling numbers can be confusing for customers, especially with the amount of different numbers out there. When callers were being charged for calling 0800 numbers from mobiles it was normally a surprise to the mobile phone user, as you would expect this call to be free also.

So the change is bringing 0800 number calls in line with landline calling and being free to call from practically any device.

For owners of 0800 numbers, the changes make having an 0800 number easier to advertise and it has the potential to get even more calls as the consumer no longer has to worry about what they are dialing when it comes to 080.

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