0800 numbers for Iceland volcanic ash problems

The Scottish government have released an 0800 number for people wanting to get information on travellers affected by the disruptions from the Icelandic volcanic ash. Many people have been delayed without warning and it is obviously a stressful time for some people. Having this 0800 number is one of the ways that travellers and relatives can keep up-to-date with information concerning the volcanic problems.

The Scottish government opened their line on Tuesday 20th 2010 at 9am giving advice to families of people stranded and for people stuck overseas. However the Foreign office help line is believed to be the main point of contact for people needing specific assistance overseas. For people needing advice on travelling abroad then the airline help lines are the best numbers to call before leaving for the airport. Many other travel companies and car parking facilities seem to now have their own help lines, so visiting their websites might be useful if you predict or have a problem.

With the Navy now called into some places to help with the issues, the problems should begin to subside for those overseas.

The Scottish government helpline number is 0800 027 0504. For people overseas the number is +44 800 027 0504.

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