0800 Numbers – A Free Phone Number

0800 numbers are a non-geographic UK phone number, traditionally used as a freephone number for businesses. They currently compete with 03 and local UK numbers in its market for giving customers a cheap number to call, this is because of its history with mobile call charges before the changes in July 2015.

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Before July 2015, 0800 numbers were free to phone only from land line numbers and call charges to mobiles would range in price depending on your mobile provider, it was part of some providers free tariffs, but essentially mobile users had to pay for the call.

This lead to 0800 not being a ‘true freephone’ number and resulted in a shift of attitude from businesses to use 03 numbers instead, as their customers wanted cheap calls (03 are charged at local rate) no matter where in the UK they are calling from.

telephone free to call 0800 numbers

0800 Numbers Are Better

Since the July 2015 changes, 0800 numbers have been back in resurgence because they are now free to call from UK land line and mobile numbers. This results in businesses having a number that doesn’t define location, is easily recognisable and is free for their customers to call!

If we compare 0800 numbers to UK local and 03 numbers there are positives and negatives, as with all business numbers, it just depends on what works for you and your customer.

0800 numbers are FREE to call; as we have mentioned. However, the cost of the mobile call to the 0800 number is put on the owner of the 0800 number in order to warrant the free calling for a customer’s call.

This is called a mobile surcharge and is normally a few pence per minute. SO, when purchasing an 0800 number through any company make sure you qualify what the mobile surcharge is and if there isn’t one, why isn’t there one and where is that company making up that loss?

0800 Numbers Compared

If you compare this to 03 and local numbers, this is where your value of a customer or free call needs to be calculated by you. 03 and local numbers charge callers a local rate.

However, local numbers give away your location and 03 numbers cost your customer for calling these numbers, they also aren’t as recognisable publicly as 0800 numbers are due to the way they are advertised.. Normally, 0333 (publicly available), 0300 (charities/gov), 0345/0344 (replaces 0845/0844 for companies that want a cheaper alternative), whereas 0800 is 0800 freephone, and that’s it!.

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