0800 numbers sold with a smile

We sell hundreds of numbers a week and as a company we like to think we put that extra bit of effort into making peoples transactions run that extra bit smoother. We like to say that we employee the best and most knowledgeable staff in the business and when their efforts are recognised we then like to share and acknowledge those efforts with everyone else.

Below is a customer Testimonial received from one of our customers as recent as today, outlining why City Numbers is the place to purchase your 0800 numbers from.

I recently purchased an 0800 number through CityNumbers and I wanted to write to acknowledge the excellent customer service provided to me by Rav.

Rav went the extra mile in helping me to track a specific number, demonstrating a keen customer focus.

I wish that more customer service lines were as friendly, helpful and effective.

Thanks Rav!!

If you have a good experience through our service team or you are just generally happy with the products we provide then please let us know. We are happy to share this effort with everyone through our blog. If you are also keen Tweeter then you can also respond or follow us through our City Numbers Twitter Page like many of our other customers.


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