0800 Travel to the Commonwealth Games 2010?

0800 Numbers can be used in many areas and a great example is currently with travel companies that are organising quick and easy advertising for the Commonwealth Games 2010. A simple call to a company like us and you can get your 0800 Number set up within hours and advertised to the public within the day, a quick and easy solution for a great advertising opportunity.

So the idea for travel companies is to get people out to the Commonwealth games and make good revenue on this, but in order to get those people to call in they need a great number for advertising. If they have a local number then they run the risk of looking too small and they want a big image, so step in the non geographic  free phone number and you have an ideal number for encouraging callers.

You don’t need to be a new business to get the benefits from 0800 numbers, you can be a big or small company that sees an eye for a great marketing idea and then encourage users to call this marketing idea with a free phone number. The number is then transferrable over to other campaigns you want to run.

Don’t forget the purpose of a free phone number is to encourage growth in your company and encourage customers to use your service, it doesn’t matter on the size of your business or the age of your business, free phone numbers, like 0800, can help you out regardless.


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