Be Prepared With Disaster Recovery

City Numbers ‘Disaster Recovery’ (DR) service allows customers to forward their existing landline, ISDN or NGN number to the City Numbers DR platform. This enables calls to be forwarded to alternative multiple mobile or landline numbers. These can be set to call the new numbers simultaneously, in sequence, round robin, etc.

For example if your BT Openreach ISDN line should have a fault, BT allow you to forward it to one alternative number (usually a mobile). This is fine if you’re a small office or a home worker, but if you usually have more than two people taking calls or are a large call centre, then this impacts massively of your business being able to function effectively. Imagine the weather turning bad over night and your staff are unable to get into the office, most of your calls to your number are not going to get answered!

This is where City Number Disaster Recovery comes in! Instead of diverting to a single mobile number you’d point it to our DR number that would then forward the calls to the alternative mobile or land line numbers. You can have the option to have a web portal and be able to change the destination numbers that receive calls instantly. These destination numbers can be mobile or landline in different locations or even outside of the UK. Calls can be queued, have call recording enabled and the web portal can provide real-time call statistics.

The City Numbers DR works as a Virtual phone system and can be made to take calls in a number of different ways:

  • Ring all destination numbers simultaneously (limited to 7 numbers).
  • Ring ‘Round Robin’ e.g. the first call will be put through to the first destination number in the list, the next call will go to the second destination number in the list and so on….
  • Ring by Ratio. In this case the calls work on a ration plan where they can be evenly diverted by percentage. For example if you have 10 agents taking calls you can assign each of those destination numbers a value of 10% which will allow the incoming calls to be evenly distributed between them. However if you wanted to have some agents taking more calls that the other agent you can assign a greater % to their destination number.
  • Call in List Order. This will always try the 1st destination number in the list first, if that’s busy it will try the second if that’s busy the third and so on….

The DR service acts as a virtual phone system which allows the agents to transfer the inbound calls to another number. This is usually impossible without having a phone system or having to have additional lines/channels of ISDN in place.

Disaster Recovery for Non Geographic Numbers

The City Numbers DR service can also be set up on NGN’s (0800, 0845, 0844, 0871 etc….) that are already with us. It can be built as a dormant service and can be enabled at a click of a button, so looking after your 0800 number; for example, is nice and easy!

If you already have a NGN number with another provider and would like to have the Disaster Recovery in place we can migrate it over to City Numbers Ltd, usually within 30 days. We also build this service for remote workers who are answering calls in multiple remote locations, enabling our clients to have virtual call centres over a wide geographic area.

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