Britain Leaves The EU, You Can Stay!

Britain is out of the EU, but that doesn’t mean that anyone needs to panic and start cancelling plans to expand their business within Britain or in Europe. In fact you can just make it more cost effective!


The Brexit Phone Number Solution

No-one is really certain what plans are going to take place with travel access to certain countries, how trades are going to change or even if costs are going to increase in Britain or Europe.

Well, we offer you the ability to still market in countries without having to worry about what changes might happen in the future due to the Brexit. Our simple solution gives you control over a European, International or UK phone number.

  • We supply you with a phone number within the country of your choice (a toll free or a local in-country number)
  • We then forward this number to a phone number you already own! Whether it be your mobile phone or a land line, it can be a UK number or an International number; you decide!
  • Your business continues to take calls from the locations you have setup your phone number.

Popular Phone Number Locations

Ireland – This is a great location with UK businesses. Dublin is a big favourite with our customers and definitely a place of interest whether you choose an Ireland Toll Free or Dublin Local Number.

France – Close to the UK and an epicentre for UK business to expand to due to its close proximity to Britain and our first entry point into Europe! You’ll want to check out the France Toll Free Numbers.

Italy – Is it the love of Pizza and football that keeps the customers interested in getting a phone number here? Who knows, but there are a lot of requests, so you might want to look into Italy.

Germany – A popular location as it’s simply a big country in size and reputation. Having phone numbers in Germany can be tough, but we can help you out.


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