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International Numbers Regulations Don’t Need To Be Difficult

Using International Numbers for your company can open up a multitude of options in terms of sales, marketing, internal operations and more… However, the downside of an International Number; toll free or local; is actually getting one easily and getting … Continue reading

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World Cup 2018 Fan ID, Promo and General Location Info

The World Cup is finally upon us once again and this time it’s in Russia. From Saint Petersburg to Sochi, the locations cover a large area. Fan ID An interesting part of the trip to this World Cup is the … Continue reading

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How Do I Get A Toll Free Number?

One of the most common questions that we are asked is “how do I get a toll free number? So let us explain how and why as while it’s not always straight forward for us, it’s easy for you. But … Continue reading

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Porting Business Phone Numbers

If you are not aware, porting business phone numbers is a standardised process that providers have to adhere to. Certain numbers cannot be ported, but the majority can be. Just because you have a phone number through a certain company, … Continue reading

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What Are 0800 Numbers?

The 0800 number has changed over the years and sometimes it’s confusing to understand the differences across a host of changes and different numbers, so here are highlights to what an 0800 number is for the caller and the owner. … Continue reading

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City Spotlight: Liverpool

Ask the average person around the world what they associate with Liverpool and the chances are you’ll hear “The Beatles” or “football”. Of course the city’s most famous sons – John, Paul, George, Ringo, Stevie G, Wayne and Carra – … Continue reading

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City Spotlight: Birmingham

As a proud Brummie (that’s a resident of Birmingham to our international visitors) and with it being the home to City Numbers HQ, I thought it was only right to kick-off our series of UK city spotlights with Birmingham. The … Continue reading

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Are 0800 Numbers Free to Call?

Please click here to view a more UP-TO-DATE article on 0800 Numbers being free to call. Here in the UK we like to call our toll-free numbers a Freephone number because “Free” is a word we like to hear! Using … Continue reading

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The Benefits Of Our Online Management Service

What a lot of people don’t realise about City Numbers, is that as well as providing exclusive 0844 and 0800 numbers, we also offer a wide range of additional services to assist your business in monitoring your customer engagement. One … Continue reading

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Dialling local phone numbers in the future

Ofcom today announced that certain STD codes will have to dial the full phone number even if they are in the same STD. Bournemouth will be the 1st location where you will have to diall the full number (Bournemouth STD code is … Continue reading

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