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What Business Phone Number Do I Get?

The world of phone numbers can get very confusing with the amount of options out there. So we answer the question: What business phone number do I get? What is Your Business? The easiest part of the process is working … Continue reading

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What Are 0800 Numbers?

The 0800 number has changed over the years and sometimes it’s confusing to understand the differences across a host of changes and different numbers, so here are highlights to what an 0800 number is for the caller and the owner. … Continue reading

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0800 Numbers Are Free To Call From Mobiles

Yes, it is finally happening! 0800 numbers are being made free to call from mobile phones. I’ll write it again and bold it up, for the readers that don’t quite believe me.. 0800 numbers are free to call from mobile … Continue reading

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Are 0800 Numbers Free to Call?

Please click here to view a more UP-TO-DATE article on 0800 Numbers being free to call. Here in the UK we like to call our toll-free numbers a Freephone number because “Free” is a word we like to hear! Using … Continue reading

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Non Geographic Phone Numbers Explained

A non-local phone number can give your business added credibility and increase the number of customers who call, but as more and more types of number prefixes become commonplace, business owners are sometimes confused as to which provides the best … Continue reading

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What Happens When 0800 Numbers Become Free from Mobiles?

You have probably heard already that 0800 numbers are likely to become free from mobile phones. Sounds good doesn’t it? Here is what we think:- Positives:- Making 0800 numbers free from mobiles will be positive because:- It will stop people … Continue reading

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0800 Number to Mobile

0800 Numbers to mobile phones. Having a 0800 number gives any kind of company legitimacy. Therefore if you advertise a 0800 number your company (however small) will be made to look larger than it actually is. A common trend that … Continue reading

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The Olympics Phone Number 0845 2012 NOW SOLD

The Olympics will be here sooner than you think! Next month it’s Christmas, then New Year and before you know it the Olympic torch will be running the length of the country! You may have already seen the BT adverts … Continue reading

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Finding UK local numbers

We are constantly looking to improve on our site features and help our customers have a more fluid method in finding what they want and order easily. Some of the features in the past have been our simple main menu … Continue reading

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Verizon Business give notice to some resellers

Sometimes we feel like a dog sitting at the table waiting for scraps to be thrown off onto the floor. If you think about this, dog’s make a good living off these scraps and sometimes the scraps can be big … Continue reading

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