Change my 0870 number

It’s only 31 working days until the 1st of August and for anyone out there with a 0870 number this is an important date to circle in your calendar.  The 1st of August will mean that you will have to pay for every call received on your 0870 number.

Following years of consultation the industry regulator has forced the price for calling 0870 numbers down so that they only cost a true national rate to call.  In turn this means that any revenue generated from your 0870 numbers will STOP and you will more than likely be charged for receiving the call.  We have seen quotes in the market for calls costing between 2p and 3p per minute.

Let us give you an example of a typical 0870 number customer at the moment and after the 1st of August:-

Pre 1st August 2009Existing customer with a 0870 number that receives 1000 calls per month, each call lasts 2 minutes. This customer would receive a payment for calls received of about £60

Post 1st August 2009 Existing customer with an 0870 number that receives 1000 calls per month, each call lasts 2 minutes. This customer would be charged for calls received of about £60

This is a swing of £120 that you will lose out of your cash flow!

We are already migrating customers away from 0870 numbers who wish to keep the revenue share for calls received onto 0844 numbers.  0844 numbers will pay you about 1.5p per minute for every call received.  Some people are moving to 0871 numbers (these pay you about 5p per minute) but they are heavily regulated by phonepayplus and you will have to inform your customers of the cost to call and not delay the call in any way.

The easy way to change 0870 number

It’s not going to be an easy job to do this.  Your 0870 numbers is more than likely all over your website, cars, vans, stationery, business cards, emails and quotes.

This is why we have put together a recorded message package for you to ease the pain.  If you change your 0870 number to one of our 0844 numbers we will build a recorded message for your 0870 number saying “our number has changed to 0844 xxx xxxx please call back using our new number and amend your records”.  To top this off we will build this message for you FREE OF CHAGE.  No monthly fee, annual fee or call cost for the recording – TOTALLY FREE!

If you would like to speak to one of our team about your 0870 problem please feel free to call us on 0845 3 666 555.  We will be happy to help you resolve this issue quickly!

When it comes to numbers – we like to help!


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