Dialling local phone numbers in the future

Ofcom today announced that certain STD codes will have to dial the full phone number even if they are in the same STD. Bournemouth will be the 1st location where you will have to diall the full number (Bournemouth STD code is 01202).

So if you are currently in Bournemouth and dial 556677 for Bournemouth Taxis you will have to dial 01202 556677. Brighton will be the 1st to introduce this change with Brighton and Hove, Aberdeen, Milton Keynes, Cambridge and Bradford by also joining during 2016.

Imagine how long it would take you to phone someone in the future if you still had an old rotary phone!

Another impact of the change is that suppliers of UK Phone Numbers like us will have an additional cost of 10p per number per year to swallow for numbers that we have in stock. This change will discourage telcos from holding stock of thousands of numbers that are not connected.

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