Follow The Sun

We often get asked about a service called “Follow The Sun” – here is a beginners guide to what it is.

“Follow The Sun” is a specialist product that we get asked for when dealing with companies who have 24 hour call centres. All it means is that the phone number we provide to a business (usually a 0800 number or London Phone number) stays open and is answered by a human at all times of the day or night.

All we do is build the phone number to point to a local office in a country that is open and has staff in its location. Here is an example:-

UK 0800 Number with follow the sun:-

  • Monday to Friday 9 am to 5pm the inbound calls are pointed to a UK call centre +44 (0)20 7224 xxxx.
  • At 5.01pm the inbound calls transfer to the USA office which is now awake. The inbound calls get answered here until the USA office closes.
  • When the USA office closes the inbound routing of the calls are transferred automatically to a call centre in India and when the office in India closes we re-point the calls back to the UK office.

The routing of the inbound calls is completed by our routing plan called follow the sun and can be totally bespoke. If you do not have an office in India we can route to Singapore or any other country. It is a totally automated facility and we can give you access to control where the number is routed to.

If you have any further questions regarding follow the sun please feel free to contact us.

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