A GDPR Summary

GDPR is upon us and no matter if you’re a small or large business, everyone is affected. The GDPR summary encompasses growing concerns over security breaches in recent years, which has prompted the EU for changes in the way businesses are storing, transferring and handling customer data.

Fines are imminent to businesses who are not looking to comply with the new GDPR compliance after its completion deadline of the 25th May 2018. The maximum fines being 4% of global turnover for the most serious of infringements.

Privacy is Key For GDPR

Privacy of customer data is the key ingredient here and making sure that your business is a) handling that data correctly and b) getting the right consent to process the customers data.

Previously, terms and conditions could be used, but in a GDPR summary these conditions of consent are stronger and you are required to make it easy for the customer to understand their committent of details and making it simple to withdraw consent.

An example of this could be credit card details you take over the phone. Are you simply just writing them down or repeating them out-loud when dealing with a customer? You need to handle your customer data correctly in order to be more secure.

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Secure Personal Data

However, you could secure yourself and your customers by incorporating different technologies into the business. An example for credit cards would be a PCI compliant software that hides card details during a transaction. Secure for you and the customer.

You can cover yourself in other areas by adding encryption on databases and backups. Make sure you do not write down customer details or send over unsecure channels.

Also, taking a customers consent correctly for marketing and future contact is important, and you need to make removal off of these lists simple and easy. Also, make sure your businesses access to customer data is also limited.

As with anything like this you should take the appropriate action and get professional advice from legal and qualified entities that can advise your business.

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