Have a Global Presence in Uncertain Brexit Times

With current news headlines in Britain, it is thought that difficult times are ahead for trading overseas, but this need not be the case.

This is the time for businesses to develop their communication channels and to seek to build opportunities as new markets open up with their International counterparts – colleagues, customers and suppliers alike.

The importance of overseas collaboration between businesses and helping them to establish, and build on relationships needs to be made as straight forward, and cost-effective as possible; this is where we see our International Numbers helping your business.

UK Businesses to Consider Moving Abroad

A recent article on the BBC website informed people that the IoD (Institute of Directors) had surveyed Business leaders and “almost a third of UK companies could move some operations because of Brexit”.

The BBC had also been told by European Trade agencies that “hundreds of UK companies are in the process of setting up operations in the EU”

This indication is likely due to uncertainty around Brexit and how it is going to proceed going forward, but it’s also likely that companies need to continue dealing with our EU neighbours, so the easiest thing to do is setup or move existing company divisions to the EU or at least have a some kind of presence available no matter which way the switch goes.

For example we have seen a big increase in the sale of International Ireland Phone numbers (will have link) and smaller increases in various other major city phone numbers

How Can City Numbers Help?

Promoting your business overseas using our International Phone Numbers will show you have a universal presence rather than having to pay the overheads if you were to physically open and provide staffing resource for offices in multiple countries; the result being no large capital outlay for your business, whilst at the same time providing an effective and reliable way of demonstrating you are open to global trading and developing International relationships

City Numbers can provide you with Worldwide Virtual Numbers and International Toll Free Numbers to suit your requirements

The Benefits Of Using Our Services

Our highly experienced service delivery team are always on hand to answer any questions and are happy to provide guidance, should you require it

We have the ability to allocate numbers to you straight away for more popular destinations as we carry our own stock

The International Numbers we provide look the same as any in-country destination number would, and as they are virtual, you don’t physically have to open an office within that country as your calls can be routed to any onward destination, thus eliminating any locational barriers

We don’t tie you into lengthy contract periods as our International Toll Free Numbers minimum contract length is only 30 days

With the numbers we provide, you can also add extra features (for example IVR, Divert calls on busy, Voicemail, Auto Attendant, Fax to e-mail and Time based routing)

We can give you access to our online portal, allowing you to control your own numbers terminating destinations at your convenience (whether this be to your mobile, an office, or another location). You can also view real-time statistics on your numbers within this portal

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