How Can I Get an 0800 Number to Grow My Business?

by Audrey Oh

Are you a small business owner looking for ways to grow your business? Freephone 0800 numbers offer a wide range of benefits to new and established businesses. They represent a great investment and are quick and easy to set up. Telecommunications are developing all the time. So, there are plenty of advanced features you can add to your phone service as your business grows, such as audio conferencing, fax to email and incoming call features. But how can a telephone number grow a business? Read our top tips for using 0800 numbers to boost your business.

Track Marketing Campaigns

0800 numbers allow you to track where high-converting leads are coming from. You can also identify where your advertising costs are failing to pull in warm leads and redirect your budget elsewhere. This could save you thousands of pounds and increase the number of good leads passed to your sales teams. 

Assign a unique virtual phone number to each marketing campaign. You’ll have a simple and effective method for identifying where your marketing spend is working best. When someone calls in using the unique number, you can link that lead to the specific campaign that triggered it. Restricting the budget for marketing activities that reap a significant ROI is a great way to support business growth.


Attract New Customers

By offering an 0800 number to your customers, you are helping your business to grow. Potential customers are much more likely to call a free number than one that charges them. 0800 numbers cost the caller nothing, whether they dial from a landline or a mobile phone. A higher call volume gives your sales teams more opportunities to sell, which could mean a significant boost to profits. If your competitors don’t offer potential customers free calls, you could also pull traffic away from them and towards you.

0800 numbers also make a small business look more professional and give them a national reach, which builds consumer trust. 


Make Your Business Number Memorable

In any industry, a business is likely to be up against multiple competitors offering similar services or products. 0800 numbers are much easier for people to remember than a random string of digits. So you stand a better chance of a prospect calling you. 

0800 numbers can increase the response rate for marketing campaigns because the prefix is instantly recognisable and memorable. 


Expand the Reach of Your Business

A business with an 0800 number could be anywhere as the prefix does not tie your company to any particular geographical location. If you’re keen to grow your business beyond the local area, an 0800 number can help you to establish a national reach. People are less likely to buy from a small company located miles away. An 0800 number suggests you have a successful company that spans the UK.

It also instils trust in your brand, as it shows you value your customers enough to provide a way for them to contact you without incurring a fee. Even if you’re running a business from your home study, an 0800 number can create the impression yours is a successful company that a consumer can purchase from with confidence.


Maintain Consistency and Trust

Consumers have a wealth of choices when it comes to choosing providers of services or goods. They are also constantly encouraged to switch and save. However, many customers remain loyal to a brand and are reluctant to change, whether it be phone providers, energy services or their favourite fashion store. After all, it’s human nature to trust in the familiar and consistent. 

An 0800 number helps you build familiarity and trust with customers. There’s no need to change numbers if you choose to relocate your business. Your customers need not even know there is any change occurring! Businesses often lose customers when they implement major changes due to concerns about interruptions or changes in service. With a free phone number, you can grow your business by moving into larger or better-located premises without losing contact with your customers.


Manage Fluctuations in Call Volume Effectively

When you leave customers or prospects on hold for more than a few minutes, they often become frustrated and hang up. With an 0800 number, you have complete control over how you manage your calls. Many virtual phone service providers will allow you to control how calls are directed online. You can change where your 0800 number is pointing to as required by call volumes, location of staff or your schedule. Customers who receive a positive service are much more likely to turn into repeat customers. 

You might also choose to add some advanced features to your 0800 service to help you deliver outstanding customer service. Features such as call forwarding, queuing and voicemail can help you to maintain the highest levels of service even at peak times. 


Avoid Service Disruptions

Nothing drives customers away quicker than major or repeated interruptions to service. Businesses using a traditional landline are vulnerable to faults and breaks in service that could make it impossible for customers or prospects to contact them. With an 0800 number, it’s easy to re-route calls to a device that is functioning if another fails. This means no break in service for the customer and higher levels of customer satisfaction.


How Can I Get an 0800 Number?

0800 numbers are a great way to grow your business. At City Numbers, it’s quick and easy to order a free phone number. Once your order is complete and payment is received, we can make your number live in minutes. Find out more and order your 0800 number today!  

Contact us to find out more about 0800 numbers and the additional services we can provide your business. We won’t lock you into a lengthy contract and our pricing structure is completely transparent with no hidden costs.

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