How Do I Get A Toll Free Number?

One of the most common questions that we are asked is “how do I get a toll free number? So let us explain how and why as while it’s not always straight forward for us, it’s easy for you. But to answer this we need to first understand what a toll free number is!

What is a Toll Free Number?

Toll free numbers are essentially free to call phone numbers. The UK version of a toll free number would be a 0800 number, for example.

Toll free is the generic term given to these free to call numbers and while we call them 0800 numbers, we can’t use this term in other countries as they may use a different number range for their free to call numbers. Like France uses 0805, for example.

How Do I Get A Toll Free Number?

Firstly, you need to be looking at the location that you require a toll free number in. If it’s the UK then several companies are able to supply these solutions. If you are looking for an international base of toll free numbers, you need to be looking at specialised companies like us, that have the expertise to deal with the legislations and sporadic changes that happen with international toll free numbers.

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All those International Choices! Where can I get? What Works?

For example, plenty of locations have a surcharge on their local toll free numbers, not having the correct facts upfront can cost you. Also, some of these numbers aren’t actually obtainable right away and do require a lead time to become available.

Then you have all the costings and rates, including redirection costs and the surcharges; previously mentioned. This is where we can advise you of these costs and provide you with a simple monthly rental and a call rate, making the process extremely easy.

Why Do I Need A Toll Free Number?

This should be the main question outside of “How do I get a toll free number?” and it’s an important one in addition to choosing the right location or number.

You can use international toll free to advertise to a countries local customers, for example. It’s quicker, cheaper and simply more efficient to get an international toll free number setup and advertised rather than spending time and resources obtaining in-country premises and staff before you have a need.

Another example could be your product is internet based and available internationally. You need to support your customers and staff in international areas. An international toll free number is a much quicker and efficient solution to open communications, than having a host of international premises.

Even if you did open offices internationally, you can centralise your phone numbers and keep them organised and configured from one location instead of through several different channels.

There are many options for toll free numbers and we can help your company with the majority of them. Our main aim is to make the process easy for you and establish a number you can use with confidence.



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