How to get a 0333 Number for Your Business

Introduced in 2007, the 0333 prefix is one of the newest additions to the business number arsenal. It is simply a non-geographic version of a standard landline number, such as an 01 or 02 phone number. 

The 0333 prefix was conceived and implemented by Ofcom. Its purpose was to ensure consumer confidence, making sure they knew what fees would be incurred when calling a business number that wasn’t targeted to a local region. At the time, popular alternatives like freephone 0800 numbers would incur fees if called from mobile, and there was a lack of information surrounding premium-rate lines. While that has since changed since 2015, it used to be a major problem and source of confusion. 

Despite the changes to 0800 numbers, 0333s are still rising in popularity. What are the benefits for your company and how do you acquire a 0333 number for your business?

Is an 0333 Number Right for Your Business?

There are numerous reasons to set up an 0333 number. These include:

  • Trusted: 0800 numbers are now universally freephone, but since the change is so recent, there is still mistrust surrounding them. Thousands of Google users still search the phone ‘0800 free from mobile’ every single month, looking for answers. This is mistrust is not shared by 0333, with ‘0333 free from mobile’ seeing only a handful of hits. Customers are just not as concerned about the potential for hidden fees when calling them.
  • Geographically Neutral: For some businesses, a lack of local targeting is important. Opting for a landline using 01 or 02 will give you a distinct geographical location, but 0333 numbers are nationally available, which means you don’t need to worry about where your business is based — or how you will be perceived by customers as a result.
  • Memorable: The repetitive nature of the 0333 number makes your business line memorable, an important element when it comes to increasing sales volume. 
  • Enhanced Customer Perception: 0333s are understood by customers to be numbers for business entities. Acquiring this prefix can give your brand a boost in authority by making it seem more professional than if you were to use a local landline.
  • Flexible: As your number is not geographically targeted, it can move with your business. Keep the same number wherever your growth takes you with an 0333 prefix. 
  • Encourage Calls: Customers are more likely to call a business with an 0333 prefix over normal landline numbers or premium-rate numbers. This is likely due to a combination of factors, including trust, cost, authority, memorability and more.


How to Get an 0333 Number for Your Business

Acquiring an 0333 number for your business is easy. Go to the right service provider and you’ll find an instant and reliable solution for your business needs. CityNumbers are experts in the provision of phone numbers for businesses, and that includes 0333 numbers. If you want to get an 0333 number for your business, this is all you have to do:

  • Visit our dedicated 0333 numbers page
  • Select the package that best suits your business needs
  • Follow the registration process, including selecting your 0333 number and establishing number forwarding

And you are done! 

It really is that simple. CityNumbers will have your new 0333 active within one hour of payment being processed, and then you are ready to offer customers your new number service. 

You don’t have to replace your phones, adapt hardware or contact your current service provider, either. Our innovative call forwarding technology means that when somebody calls your new 0333 number, it is automatically routed to your current phone system. 

When you use CityNumbers, the integration of an 0333 number is quick, easy and pain-free. 


How Much Does an 0333 Number Cost? 

Small businesses are often concerned about the costs of a dedicated prefix for their company. However, as the cost of the technology behind the 0333 number continues to fall, so too do the fees incurred for acquiring one.

At CityNumbers, we have three packages to suit varying business needs:

  • The Pay as You Go: With a small setup fee of £5 and a monthly standing charge of just £5, this package is highly cost-effective. Live call rates per minute are as low as 2.5p, making it perfect for small businesses with limited call volume, such as sole traders or micro-entities. 
  • The Business Starter: The Business Starter is great for small businesses. It also incurs a £5 setup fee with a charge of £20 per month on top. With that, you get 1,000 minutes as part of your service, with further minutes thereafter charged at 2.5p for landlines.
  • The Enterprise: Catering to companies that have already scaled and are looking for more, CityNumbers’ Enterprise Package costs £39 per month and includes free setup. It comes with 2,100 minutes of calls, with landline fees after that charged at 2p per minute. 


While these figures might be useful to know, you may be looking for a little more information as to how this relates to actual costs. Well, the average sales call lasts for around six minutes. That means, on the Enterprise package, you will pay just 10p per call

How Much Does It Cost to Call an 0333 Number?

Many brands are eager to keep costs down for their customers, especially when it comes to phone calls. 

With 0333 numbers, direct call costs are only incurred if the customer does not have an inclusive minutes package, in which case, charges can vary depending on the supplier. What is important to remember is that should a customer be charged to call an 0333, they’ll be charged for any landline call they make. This means they have likely opted for this kind of telephone service and it is unlikely to impact how they choose to interact with your company. 

So how much will it cost your customer to call an 0333 number should you adopt one? For near-all clients, the cost will be zero and inclusive of their phone contract, making it an attractive prefix for many businesses.

Now you know how to get an 0333 number for your business, do you think it’s time to buy a phone number for your company? The benefits of 0333 speak for themselves, so why wait any longer? CityNumbers has everything you need to support your communication goals!

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