International Numbers Regulations Don’t Need To Be Difficult

Using International Numbers for your company can open up a multitude of options in terms of sales, marketing, internal operations and more… However, the downside of an International Number; toll free or local; is actually getting one easily and getting the right one, but this is why so many companies come through us for their International Phone Numbers.

International Number Regulations

Regulations can be a minefield for a company who decides to venture into International Numbers by themselves without the correct advice, or are working with a company that doesn’t have the experience. There are constant changes within local country legislations and certain in country regulations before even being able to get a phone number in an International Location.

Take Germany for example… If you are looking to obtain a local phone number within a German town or city you must have proof of address before you can claim a local phone number. This proof of address has to be an ID Card or business registration document. However, addresses on the documents have to be for your company and must be from within the city that you require the number to be in. This in itself is a regulation change as utility bills used to be accepted as part of the proof of address.

Having this vital information beforehand can avoid delays and issues when ordering and setting up local international business numbers, causing weeks’ worth of setbacks making it become a cumbersome task. That is why ordering through an experienced company like ours is crucial.

International Toll Free Numbers Also Have Regulations

The Netherlands for example requires the purchaser of a Toll Free Number to not only prove their company address, but to also provide a call traffic forecast in order to verify even a pre-purchase of the number nowadays. This is likely down to low amounts of toll free numbers being available and possibly to prevent companies from holding stock of unused numbers.

This type of information isn’t readily available, and with local international numbers it can mean a delay of your service being set-up if you aren’t familiar with such requirements and this is also the reason why we run a dedicated team in the field of International Numbers, allowing us to keep on top of the regulations and changes.

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