Local Area Phone Numbers

More and more companies are now choosing local area numbers to promote their business. This blog explains the difference between local area numbers and 0800 numbers or 0845 numbers.

Local area numbers allow companies to advertise a local phone number even if they are not based in that location. For example we have a company that advertises a 0161 Manchester number to attract customers from Manchester.  They are based in Birmingham and have no local presence in Manchester but the local number encourages people to call as they believe that they are just around the corner.

Customers are becoming more selective about their suppliers and we are finding that people are choosing to buy from local companies than the larger more faceless organisations.  Modern technology has allowed companies like ours to provide these virtual local phone numbers and have them pointed to your existing phone number (we can point our numbers to UK landlines, Mobiles or international numbers).  It’s not only the local phone number that is the attraction of this service it is the real-time call stats and return on investment analysis that we provide.

How does this work I hear you shout?  Easy!  Let’s say that you are a company based in London and wanted to advertise in the Midlands.  We would provide you with a 0121 Birmingham Virtual Phone Number, 01902 Wolverhampton Virtual Phone Number and 02476 Coventry Virtual Phone Number.  Each of these phone numbers would route to your existing office and you would place the numbers in different adverts making you look local.  Every time someone called you from one of these adverts your phone would ring and we could play an announcement saying “this is a call from your virtual Birmingham phone number”, this would allow you to know instantly that your advert is working.  That’s not all!  All of our numbers come with an impressive online tool that allows you to manage where your virtual number is pointed and view real time call statistics.

Virtual Phone Numbers are not a 2nd grade service and you will not notice any difference between the number we supply you and any other traditional landline. UK Virtual numbers are commonly known as AREACALL NUMBERS, GHOST NUMBERS and REMOTE CALL FORWARD NUMBERS – call them what you like but the benefits of portraying your business as local will put a smile on your face!

If you are interested in the areas of the UK that we supply phone numbers in please click here – Virtual Phone Numbers.

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