Moving Office and Can’t Keep Your Phone Number? Yes You Can!

We have hundreds of people talking to us who are moving office and have been told that “as you are moving outside your exchange you can’t take your number with you”.  Up until about 12 months ago this was true but as technology has advanced so has the flexibility of moving with your number.

If your business is moving location and needs to keep its existing landline phone number the process to enable you to move this is simple.  You can be moving from London to Birmingham and keep your London phone number, it doesn’t matter if you are moving outside of the exchange or not. When a business moves office it doesn’t necessarily think about if it can keep its number until right at the very end of the process.  By this time it is almost too late to do anything about it and they end up having a “we have moved and our new phone number is” message played for at least a year costing them a fortune.  What happens after a year?  Lots of their customers or potential customers could still be calling them (it is common knowledge that a yellow pages has a shelf life of at least 18 months).

The answer is simple.

If you currently have a BT landline number, are moving out of the exchange and have been told you have to change your number – Firstly, don’t panic!  Call us on our Free Phone 0800 number and we will explain how you can keep your number.  We will port the number to our network and you will be able to control where you point your number to.  With this solution you can keep your landline phone number so that you don’t miss any calls from your customers or potential customers ever!

This solution costs a one off £50 to port the existing numbers to us (this cost is for 1 number to 50 numbers inclusive), £3 per number per month rental and any calls you receive on the phone number will be charged at 3p per minute.

We have helped hundreds of companies save their phone number when moving offices.  If you need any help about this please feel free to call us.

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