Non Geographic Phone Numbers Explained

A non-local phone number can give your business added credibility and increase the number of customers who call, but as more and more types of number prefixes become commonplace, business owners are sometimes confused as to which provides the best solution for their needs.

So here’s a quick guide to explain a few of the most common non geographic phone numbers:


This is the most well-known free phone number, and one that callers will instantly recognise as a number they can trust. If you opt for an 0800 number it will mean that your business pays the bill for any call coming in from a landline, and in the future this is likely to extend to mobiles as well.

0845 and 0870

This is a local rate number that allows many customers to call free from a landline, without your business incurring any costs either. 0845 and 0870 numbers are less widely trusted by consumers, but still result in an average of three times the number of enquiries.

0844 and 0871

These are fixed rate numbers that provide a source of revenue for your business with a flat rate of 5p or 10p per minute at any time of day. The income from this fee should be carefully weighed up against any potential to reduce the number of calls you receive.


These numbers are only available to non-profit and public sector bodies such as government agencies and charities. The customer will pay a local rate, so it bears similarities to 0845 and 0870 numbers.


This is another option that allows customers to call at a landline rate. One advantage of 0333 at the moment is that it is often included in mobile packages (which is not yet true of 0800), allowing people to contact you on the go without fear of an inflated charge.

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