Receptionist Service

receptionist service

How can a third-party company answering your business calls benefit your business? Take a look at what a receptionist service is and the benefits they offer your business.

Whether you are a large corporation with business locations across the globe or a local start-up emerging into a competitive marketplace, there are business solutions that can have a monumental impact on your business.

Your customers have expectations. As a business, you ideally want to exceed their expectations. Is there anything worse than a customer phoning a business only to be greeted with a phone that is never answered or when it is answered, the service is not of the standard they expect?

For any business, employing someone to ‘sit by the phone in case it rings’ is not a solution that is economic nor desirable. But investing in an receptionist service is.

What is a Receptionist Service?

As a business, you pay for another company, specialists in not only taking calls on behalf of other businesses, to manage your incoming calls.

When a customer phones, their call is answered and either a message is taken or the call diverted on to a specific location, e.g. your business mobile.

In other words, you invest in a receptionist service, a real person who records your calls, answers them, monitors and reports to you monthly statistics on calls and so on.

The Benefits of a Receptionist Service

A receptionist service solution offers many benefits;

  • It is a dynamic response to the age-old problem of who answers the phone
    and when?
  • It prevents lost calls or customers hanging up because they are not getting
  • There may be busy time or pinch points and with a receptionist service, it is
    possible to scale up (and scale back) the response.
  • When performance is enhanced, you capture more customers via your
    phone lines.
  • Customer satisfaction is key and not only will they get a great service when
    they phone, but they are also left with a fantastic impression of your business.
  • It prevents customer frustration with your business – in other words, no
    more irritating engaged tone to contend with or a long wait to get to the front
    of the queue.
  • No matter what is happening in the day-to-day running of your business,
    continuity is ensured – and so when you and your team are on a team
    building session, the phone is still being answered!

Suitable for all businesses irrespective of size or industry, is a receptionist service something you’ve considered?

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