The Benefits Of Our Online Management Service

What a lot of people don’t realise about City Numbers, is that as well as providing exclusive 0844 and 0800 numbers, we also offer a wide range of additional services to assist your business in monitoring your customer engagement. One of the services we offer is a complete online management system, allowing you to view vital statistics about your incoming calls live, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This innovative live system allows you to view real time call statistics and monitor all of your 0800 numbers simultaneously. Users can view data on a daily basis, weekly or monthly to gauge your peak call times and opt to view calls and minutes by phone number or date. As well as this you can view information and averages on call duration and how long it it is taking your business to answer the phone; a particularly beneficial feature if you hire a receptionist or contact staff to man your telephones.

One of the really great components of this system is that it provides our clients with a full CLI presentation. Whereas many companies will only show you the last three digits of the numbers calling you, our online management system will display the full telephone number of received and missed calls, allowing you to call a customer back if needed.

We believe that this comprehensive package can truly help businesses gain a better understand of their customer engagement, seasonal trends and the success of any marketing campaigns, with the option to download the statistics as an Excel file available. It also provides real time access and allows you to change where your phone number is pointed at any time, straight away.

This package is available as an additional extra when you purchase any non-geographical phone number from City Numbers, at just £2.99 per month. We’ll throw in a voicemail functionality absolutely free! For more information, call 08448 222 666 or contact us online.

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