The Olympics Phone Number 0845 2012 NOW SOLD

The Olympics will be here sooner than you think! Next month it’s Christmas, then New Year and before you know it the Olympic torch will be running the length of the country!

You may have already seen the BT adverts with their Olympic number which is 0800 2012 2012? Have a look at the advert here if you are interested – BT Advert

These phone numbers are very rare and there is only one number in each number range (i.e 0800, 0845, 0333). We are proud to announce that we have secured the below phone number which is now for sale:-

0845 2012xxx (This has now been sold)

This 0845 number is perfect for next summers global event and is ready for any business to connect.

We are selling this number for a one off fee of £2000 + a monthly rental of £5 and calls received to the number are free (if we point the number to a UK land line).

Please contact us if you are interested in buying this Olympic phone number for your business.

This number is no longer available as it has been sold! SORRY.

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