Using An SMS Broadcast Service

An SMS broadcast service is a handy little feature that helps you save time and money. It is a service that delivers the same SMS message to multiple people, at the same time, instead of you retyping or resending an identical message yourself.

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GDPR and SMS Broadcast Service

SMS broadcasting is ideal for marketing, but with the likes of GDPR upon us you now have to be careful with how you utilise the marketing part of the service. You need to make sure contact numbers have opted in ‘to be contacted’ and are also given the ability to opt-out.

The opt-in can be classed as a ‘soft’ opt-in, if the contact is a current customer, or an ex-customer. You will still need an opt-out option and can only detail services the contact has, or has previously had.

Remember, it’s your responsibility to look after contact details and respect the rights of the owner.

Business Uses for SMS Broadcast

SMS marketing is just a fraction of what an SMS broadcast can be used for. It has a multitude of functionality for your business needs:

  • Service Updates (has something happened to an existing service?)
  • Staff Updates (for shifts or changes)
  • Reminders (for scheduled events, etc..)
  • Cancellations

These types of SMS broadcasts are beneficial to your current customers. The service itself saves you time in actually having to setup manual messages. Instead you can broadcast them to a range of approved numbers.

This helps with keeping your customers or staff better informed, and at a relatively cheap price. It avoids the hassles of email responders, email previewers and failing email addresses.

You can view SMS broadcast costing here and make sure that you’re keeping up-to-date with recommended products by checking our blog regularly.


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