Verizon Business give notice to some resellers

Sometimes we feel like a dog sitting at the table waiting for scraps to be thrown off onto the floor. If you think about this, dog’s make a good living off these scraps and sometimes the scraps can be big chunks of meat!

Yesterday we learnt that Verizon were having a spring clean (in Autumn) of some of their lower spending accounts. The letter states that they are streamlining their wholesale channel and they are giving 3 months notice to some of their customers. We only know about this because one of their customers has requested to move all of their International Toll Free numbers from them to us.

If you are effected by this account clear out and need to keep your toll free numbers in service please call us on 08453 666 555 and speak to Craig or Rav. We will be able to migrate or port your numbers so that they remain in service.

Don’t panic 3 months is enough time to get your numbers moved across.

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