Virtual Call Tracking – A Simple Solution For Tracking Calls

No time to learn or no knowledge of google analytics? Need a simple call tracking solution instead? You can use our UK Virtual Call Tracking numbers to understand your call marketing easier.

Which door is the right one

Virtual Call Tracking Can Be Simple

There are plenty of solutions out there for tracking your marketing, but a lot of them can be extremely confusing at first and very in depth beyond what a lot of people want. Does your local plumber or window cleaner look at analytics when they get home? I doubt it very much, it’s been a hard day and spending hours rifling through stats is not a fun prospect.

We make it simple; through the usage of our inbound numbers.

How Virtual Call Tracking Works With City Numbers

Our aim is to make it simple for you. We basically supply you with a selection of UK area call numbers of your choice that you map against your marketing and use your billing statistics to monitor performance.

For example… You work as a Plumber across several local towns, but you want to appear local to these towns. We would supply you with a list of local area call numbers tailored to those towns. You then have several methods of using these numbers. You can keep them as they are and use them as local area numbers, or you can start tracking the numbers to see where you are getting the calls from; which is the popular area, is it certain areas on certain days or times?

Advanced – But Still Simple Tracking

You can get even more advanced with the tracking.. Purchasing several numbers in one area code allows you to then assign these numbers to different advertising campaigns or across several sales staff. You then track the calls and stats of the various numbers that you have assigned out and see which ones produce calls and leads.

The numbers that don’t work? You can simply cancel, as your terms of business are 30 days. Simple and cost effective! It doesn’t require a lot of knowledge in analytics, and it’s streamlined to be beneficial to your business.

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