What are 0845 numbers

0845 is an incoming only phone number (also known in the industry as an ‘inbound’ number). Being inbound establishes that you would not be able to make outbound calls from your 0845 number at all, however you can inform your landline provider that you have an 0845 number and ask them to present the number as your dialled number (CLI Presentation – the number you are calling from).

0845 number benefitsMost UK companies use 0845 numbers for two very specific reasons:-

  1. They want to disguise their geographic location. 0845 is not based in any location in the UK (that is why they are called Non Geographic). So when someone calls the 0845 number they will not know where they are calling. This is a positive because some companies operate on a national basis and don’t want to appear local (if on the other hand you want to appear local, you should look at our virtual UK landline numbers).
  2. They want to keep their number forever. An 0845 number is routable to any phone number worldwide. So for example if you are a company based in London and you move to Glasgow (i know its a big move – but we’re just saying!) you can take the number with you. We have had examples where a company has moved to France and they have taken their 0845 number with them with no problems at all.

There are other reasons why companies buy 0845 numbers but these are the main two.

What is the cost to call an 0845 Number? Another daily question!

The cost to call 0845 numbers has reduced significantly over the years. If you are on a BT call plan you will generally find that the cost to call a 0845 is free (up to a certain amount of minutes per month). If you are not on a plan then the cost to call is about 3.5p per minute at all times. However, one of the negative points about 0845 numbers is the cost to call them from a mobile. Depending on your mobile provider it can cost between 5p and 25p per minute to call.

An important point

One final point that we think is important is that 0845 numbers are not guaranteed to be dial-able from overseas. So, if you are a company that have international customers please be careful about using an 0845 number. You may want to look at an alternative number range.

What are 0845 numbers through City Numbers?

We currently provide over 20,000 0845 numbers to companies across the UK and they are highly popular with our customers. If you are interested in purchasing an 0845 number or would like to know about the costs please feel free to click on the last link in this sentence.

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