What does the winter mean for your business?

What does winter mean for your business? For many, it means Christmas sales and a well needed seasonal boost. To others, the end of the year can be the quietest sales period depending upon the industry.  In either instance, both can be an opportunity to maximise sales in your peak trading period or use the quieter time to implement changes to your business which will help you grow revenue in the coming year.

We recently reported on how having memorable phone numbers can increase sales, especially when targeting consumers where attention to your advertising may be limited. Memorable phone numbers are also hugely beneficial for business looking to advertise on radio or include the phone number in any visual or audio materials.

This month, we are promoting communication as one of your greatest tools and how a 0800 Numbers can increase sales.

As online sales become a dominant market, some critics argue that the rise of the digital economy is distancing retailers from consumers and creating communication barriers as many opt for email communication rather face to face or verbal communication.

Companies whom offer customers fantastic customer support via the phone to support online business growth will in turn benefit from customer loyalty in the form of repeat orders and recommendations. Your availability and memorability will be the key to much online business’ success.

This month we are releasing a series of Tip of how memorable phone numbers reassure customers and in turn help your business generate more sales.

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