What Happens When 0800 Numbers Become Free from Mobiles?

You have probably heard already that 0800 numbers are likely to become free from mobile phones.

Sounds good doesn’t it? Here is what we think:-

Positives:- Making 0800 numbers free from mobiles will be positive because:-

  1. It will stop people being confused about the cost to call a 0800 number. It will just be free of charge (the way it should have been for years!).
  2. You will no longer have to advertise 2 numbers on your website for callers from mobile phones (most companies have a 0800 number and a 03xx or landline number to encourage callers from mobiles).
  3. It will significantly increase the number of sales leads from people on the move as they will not have to pay the ridiculous sums to call the number.
  4. You will stop getting complaints from your customers about the cost to call your 0800 number from a mobile phone.

Negatives:- Making 0800 numbers free from mobiles will be negative because:-

  1. If you have the 0800 number we believe that you will have to pay a surcharge to receive the call if it is from a mobile phone (this is not confirmed yet).
  2. If you suffer with prank calls from kids then you may find that you will get a few more.
  3. When this change comes into effect 0800 numbers will become more popular and if you don’t have one already you may struggle to get one. 0800 numbers are running out and once they are all sold you will be left with 0808 numbers (these are still free but some customers will be confused about this range).

 The final score is Positives 4 v Negatives 3

We just hope that all mobile providers will agree to make this change.

We do however have to revamp our billing systems to ensure that we will be able to bill this service correctly.

To summarise, we believe that this change is hugely positive for the consumer and for business. It will result in less people being confused about the cost to call a FREE number as it will be FREE.

To find out more about 0800 numbers please feel free to visit our 0800 page in our main website (A link to this page can be found at the top of this blog).

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