World Cup 2018 Fan ID, Promo and General Location Info

The World Cup is finally upon us once again and this time it’s in Russia. From Saint Petersburg to Sochi, the locations cover a large area.

Fan ID

An interesting part of the trip to this World Cup is the Fan ID identification that is required for attending the event and also linked from ( is the official URL for the FAN ID page and it appears to allow an ease of travel throughout Russia for the World Cup with Visa free Entry and Free Transport supplied with the FAN ID

However there is a disclaimer from Fifa denying any responsibility in the actioning and use of the FAN ID.

Reported Contact information for the Fan ID is:

Russia Stadium Locations

Locations for the stadiums with local dialling codes are:

  • Saint Petersburg – 812
  • Ekaterinburg – 343
  • Nizhny Novgorod – 81622
  • Kazan – 843
  • Moscow – 495/496
  • Kaliningrad – 401
  • Saransk – 834
  • Samara – 8462
  • Volgograd – 8442
  • Rostov – 863
  • Sochi – 862

Promotional Offering

As part of the celebrations of the World Cup we will be offering a promotional code for 20% off any country phone number, that we supply, that participating in the world cup. Look out next month for the promotional code.

Countries Participating:

Egypt Australia Belgium Costa Rica Argentina
Morocco IR Iran Croatia Mexico Brazil
Nigeria Japan Denmark Panama Colombia
Senegal Korea Republic England Peru
Tunisia Saudi Arabia France Uruguay


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